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ELRA and the new ELRA location in Jois has also been one of the topics in the ORF business magazine ECO.

ELRA – We empower your drive systems

ELRA is the Austrian market leader for superior drive solutions and motors that are used all over the world. Driven by the passion for innovation and utmost technical precision, ELRA collaborates with customers to optimize products and technologies, aiming for the best possible solution – always.

We tailor your drive solution

The best possible solution is the one that meets our customers’ exacting needs. That is why we develop ELRA drive solutions in tandem with our customers and produce them in-house.

ELRA Assemblies

ELRA Assemblies significantly decrease development times and ensure rapid results. This enables you to free up valuable internal resources and maintain full control over costs while ELRA organizes the entire project.

Our service portfolio

Die ELRA Baugruppen ermöglichen eine wesentlich kürzere Entwicklungszeit und Sie haben rasch Ergebnisse. Sie ersparen sich interne Ressourcen für die Organisation des Projekts.

Contact us

We will be happy to answer your questions and take note of your requirements.

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