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ELRA – We empower your drive systems

ELRA is the Austrian market leader for superior drive solutions and motors that are used all over the world. Driven by the passion for innovation and utmost technical precision, ELRA collaborates with customers to optimize products and technologies, aiming for the best possible solution – always.

We drive things forward

ELRA is the Austrian market leader for superior drive solutions and motors that are used every day all over the world – from Alaska to Malaysia. Whether prototype development and production, customized special solutions or complete assemblies, ELRA delivers the best possible solution. In doing so, ELRA collaborates with customers across industries, using its passion for innovation and utmost technical precision to enhance and optimize products and technologies. ELRA’s own quality guarantee ensures longevity, economic viability and clear advantages in terms of time and costs.

Ever since its foundation by Walter Rauch in 1978, ELRA has become synonymous with top quality precision engineering. This is what numerous renowned multinationals, groups of companies and global market leaders rely on for their medical equipment, semiconductor production, industrial and warehouse automation, mechanical engineering or agriculture and forestry equipment.

With a solid track record for tailored drive solutions that meet exacting needs, the family business has proven its first-mover-skills, reliability and trustworthiness time and again. The powerful ELRA Multidrive Eco is a prime example. It sets new standards by consuming 80% less energy than conventional conveyer drive solutions used in pellet bio heating systems.

Designing, planning, developing – ELRA shapes tomorrow’s drive systems in tandem with customers.

The ELRA family is proud of its solid foundation, comprising 50 men and women who are technicians with heart and soul and persistent troubleshooters. They think outside the box to tackle each project separately and innovate the best possible drive solution. To ensure that, they expand their knowledge and qualifications, and they question and reevaluate tried and tested methods. They combine familiar skill sets with new mindsets to reduce development times, improve, optimize and simplify products and technologies. They strive for a zero-defect policy to ensure quality and perfection down to the smallest component. They drive things forward to give ELRA customers the edge they need – today and tomorrow.