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ELRA Environmental Philosophy

Refrain. Reduce. Responsible.

We refrain from using polluting substances – our products are made from environmentally friendly materials. We reduce any negative environmental impact by relying on state-of-the-art production technologies and improving them continuously. We act responsibly by minimizing waste and saving on natural resources.


Management Responsibility

With the environmental management system ISO 14001, ELRA has adopted a clear position on environmentally responsible behavior. Legal requirements, emissions and the environmental impact of materials used as well as voluntary actions define ELRA’s environmental philosophy.

The management of the company and the environmental manager take due care to ensure that goals are best possibly aligned with the environmental philosophy and shared with the ELRA team through communication and trainings. ELRA’s senior management also ensures that environmental milestones are realized in both administration and production.

Environmental Philosophy Principles
  • Increasing the awareness for more environmentally responsible behavior and environmental protection among the ELRA team
  • Commitment to fully comply with respective environmental, occupational safety, and local regulations
  • Continuously improving and adapting the working conditions for our employees to ensure even better occupational safety
  • Minimizing waste as well as saving on raw materials and natural resources
  • Reducing the environmental impact by using environmentally friendly production methods as well as contingency and preventive measures
  • Continuously improving the ELRA Quality Management System and our efforts regarding environmental protection

pdf ELRA Environmental Philosophy ELRA Environmental Philosophy

pdf ELRA Environmental Philosophy Statement on conflict materials