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ELRA Linear Actuator Specifications

To select your best possible drive solution, kindly provide the following data:

Power Supply:    
Force (linear): Push: Pull:  
Operating Cycle: Continuous Operation: Short-term: Reversing:
Service Life Expectancy: Cycles  
Required Options: Torsion-locked Self-Locking     IP Protection Class
Temperature Range: From: To:  
Spindle: Inside the Actuator: Outside the Actuator:  
Backlash: Yes No Pre-Loaded:  
Low Noise: Yes No    
Max. Dimensions:    


Switches: Limit Switch: Position Switch:  
Motor Control:
Other Options:
Radial Forces:
Further Information
Requirements: Standard Modification Development
Internal Product Approval: Yes No      
  Herr Frau    
Name and Surname*:


Postal Code: City:
Tel.: Fax:

Description of Use:

Annual Requirement: Target Price:


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