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The production operations of ELRA in Jois

Dear Sirs,

The situation surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic is a particular challenge for all of us. We support all efforts and measures by the federal government to curb the spread. The protection of our employees and their relatives, as well as our customers and partners, is our top priority.

We have taken all the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure that the company operates as freely as possible. Our employees are now available to you in the same quality through home office workstations.
Therefore we stay available for you via the usual communication channels you are familiar with. Please understand, however, if the response times are longer than usual.
We will hold customer appointments and meetings in the near future, preferably in the form of video or telephone conferences.

The production operations of ELRA in Jois will continue unrestriced until further notice.
Here, too, we have taken extensive measures to ensure the health protection of our employees!

New Series of Planetary Gearheads

high performance and longevity

ELRA’s new series of planetary gearheads ensures high performance and longevity. Unlike traditional precision gearheads, the new planetary gearheads series goes easy on the pocket. This makes it the perfect choice for wear-free motors, such as brushless DC motors or stepper motors.

All planetary wheels are mounted in needle bearings, ensuring a service life of up to 10.000h and more, depending on the application. ELRA’s new series of planetary gearheads achieve an efficiency level of more than 90% with very low backlash.

Key features:

  • All planetary wheels mounted in needle bearings
  • Service life of up to 10,000h and more
  • Reduced gear backlash up to 5 angular minutes
  • Efficiency of more than 90%
  • Simple assembly
  • Size Ø 40 to 140mm
  • Available in 1, 2 and 3 gear stages
  • Different shaft designs: hollow shaft, solid shaft, special output shaft
  • Available with input shaft

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Combine ELRA’s new series of planetary gearheads with different motors or ask an Application Engineer for advice.

Stepper Motors:

  • Ideal for flange sizes Nema23, Nema34 and Nema43
  • Holding torque to 28Nm
  • Optionally available with integrated electronics and different bus systems
  • STO certification optionally available


Brushless Motors:

  • Available from a flange size of 40x40mm
  • Optionally available with integrated electronics
  • Voltage range from 24VDC and 48VDC through to 380VAC
  • CANopen, Profinet, EtherCAT communication
  • Power up to 3000W