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AC Motors according to IEC Standard


  • Single or triple phase
  • IEC size 56 to 80mm, flange design B3, B5, B14
  • Output power up to 1.5KW (higher output upon request)
  • Combinations: spur gear, worm gear or planetary gearheads as well as holding brakes


SeriesIEC SizePower
up to [W]
Rated Speed
M56 IEC 56 180 700/1.000/1.500/3.000
M63 IEC 63 260 700/1.000/1.500/3.000
M71 IEC 71 750 700/1.000/1.500/3.000
M80 IEC 80 1500 700/1.000/1.500/3.000
These products have been designed for series applications and are not kept in stock.