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Fact box

  • Thrust up to 15.000N
  • Voltage 400 V/3 AC or 24V/DC
  • Stroke length up to 1.000mm
  • IP Protection Class IP54
  • Either with mechanical or electronic limit switches


Fact box

  • Thrust 14.000-50.000N
  • Stroke length up to 320mm
  • Galvanized or chromed steel casing
  • Power 3x400V AC, 50Hz


Fact box

  • Thrust up to 100kN
  • Stroke length 1.000mm
  • IP Protection Class IP54
  • Casing primed
  • Optional with 0-20mA feedback


Fact box

  • Rotational force 100-1.800N
  • Stroke length 75-800mm
  • IP Protection Class up to IP67
  • Stainless steel casing 1.4571 or anodized aluminium



Fact box

  • Thrust up to 10.000N
  • Voltage 24V DC or 48V DC
  • Stroke length 100 to 350mm
  • IP Protection Class IP54
  • Optionally available with holding brake, potentiometer or encoder feedback