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Linear Actuators with DC Motors

Linear Actuators with DC MotorsEnlarge


  • Linear force up to 7000N
  • Voltage 12/24VDC
  • Speed up to 70mm/s
  • IP Protection Class IP65
  • Optionally available with limit switch, potentiometer and encoder

Technical Data

SeriesSpindle/Stroke Length
Max. Load
Speed up to (mm/s)
LC05 up to 500 120 55
LC1 up to 500 1600 40
LC1F up to 500 250 40
LC2 up to 300 1000 64
LE5* up to 610 7000 33
CON35 up to 750 2200 33
CON50 up to 750 4500 70
CON60 up to 750 10.000 26

*) only for serial application